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Technical Training Center

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Technical Training Center

When viewed from companies’ aspect; basic premise is qualified manpower to ensure the sustainable growth, to take part in the competition on a global scale, to use the resources in a more productive and efficient manner, to improve the production quality, to reduce the adjustment and scrap material amount.

When considering the development in current production technology, reducing the production quality and efficiency, disruption of operations, increasing the scrap material amount and hence increased costs arising from including the people with insufficient information, weakens the competitiveness and beclouds to survive by precluding sustainable growth of the company.

It became a necessity to train the qualified people within the company as for the production needs to prevent this problem and sustainability of desired growth and competitiveness. In the Technical Training Center that accomplished with this mission, it is aimed to increase the sense of belonging, as well as increasing the required qualified knowledge level by training, monitoring and evaluation studies.

The training programs were prepared with the approach of “What can be measured can be managed”, and are conducted with the modules which have been formed according to specific needs by experts in their subjects.

Our Trainings are:

  • Forging Production Technical Trainings
  • Machining Technical Trainings
  • Quality Control Trainings
  • Maintenance Technical Trainings
  • OHS & Environmental Trainings
  • Automation Systems Technical Trainings

Our vision;

To be an organization that increases individual and corporate development, meets the current training needs of our employees by providing constantly renewed, high standard, qualified trainings strengthening the adaptation to technology.

Our Mission;

To manage individuals who offers high quality product and service, are able to quick and efficient service to customers, can quickly adapt to change, to be able to innovative and produce value and to give value added trainings in line with the needs and development direction of the sector oriented at continuous development.

The doors of Technical Training Center is open to everyone who is open to information.