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OHS Policy

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Our mission:

With the Business Health and Safety Management System, we take precautions to protect human health and safety in all of our activities, products and services from material procurement to shipment by giving importance to how these results are achieved not only business results, but also providing a healthy and safe working environment.

Our goal:

It is our responsibility to reduce the risks to human health and safety in all our activities, products and services, in accordance with the needs and expectations of our customers and the society, as well as to comply with Omtaş quality and environmental policy, or to reduce them to acceptable levels and to ensure business security.

Our OHS Policy is,

  • To create a business safety Corporate Culture by encouraging active participation in the development and support of all employees, contractors, and measures to be taken to improve the WAIT OHS.
    Supporting effective OSH implementations within the organization and maintaining and organizing organizational structures with relevant policies, procedures, systems, information, training, promotion programs to reach everyone,
  • To be in compliance with the legislation, regulations and standards related to all OHS currently in force,
  • Identify and describe all risks related to the Company’s activities and establish and implement appropriate risk and hazard management systems,
  • Provide safe working area and equipment for controlled operation,
  • Ensure appropriate OSH training for all staff,
  • Create an annual OHS program to improve health and safety at work,
  • To allocate sufficient resources to continuously improve OHS performance,
  • Ensure close and regular health surveillance for employees,
  • Actively intervene and investigate all negligence and incidents, and ensure that injured workers return to work at the earliest opportunity through appropriate management of fair claims and rehabilitation of rights claims,
  • To set targets for participation at all levels in Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction activities,
  • To improve our OHS culture continuously, to achieve sustainable “Zero Work Accident” goal.

Our Values are;

  • To pass on the workplace working conditions where the legal standards of Occupational Health and Safety are observed without compromise, the continuous improvement process is active,
  • To see that the provision and improvement of Occupational Health and Safety conditions are beyond the legal obligations and customer demands as an integral part of our activities and lifestyle.