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Information Security Policy

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OMTAŞ has aim to provide information security and service continuity in the manufacturing sector it has been operating, in the service giving to all related parties, by acting in accordance with active and qualified service approach, to law, legal, regulatory or conventional liabilities.

Information Security basic goals of us as OMTAŞ are;

  • To manage the risks related to information,
  • To ensure information security requirements of the services provided to customers,
  • To ensure all business processes to be integrated, harmonious and balanced with each other,
  • To comply with all the contracts executed with third parties (business partners, customers, suppliers) related to information security and related legal legislation,
  • To prevent any interruption in critical business processes , if not; to become reworkable in the period of targeted recovery time,
  • To minimize the losses that may arise from information security by managing the information security effectively,
  • To ensure the increase of professional competence required to maintain the information security management system effectively,
  • To reduce the possibility of living violation of information security, to respond in a co-ordinated manner in the event,
  • To provide confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of our customers within the scope of Information Security Management System,
  • To ensure continuous improvement in Information Security Management System.