These schools, that are donated to “Turkish National Education” by YAMANTÜRK FAMILY, are entrusted to the beloved children, that are our future owners, precious teachers and our nation that we are proud to be a part of. Regards.


Yamantürk Multi-Program High School / İzmir


The objective of the school, which was constructed in Armutlu-Kemalpaşa region of İzmir, is to meet the education and training requirement of the people in the region.


Yamantürk High School / Malatya


Yamantürk High School, which carries out its education activities in İnönü University Campus, has 7 classrooms and 3 laboratories.


Yamantürk Commercial High School / Ankara


Yamantürk Vocational High School, with 24 classrooms, which aims at offering vocational alternatives, other than university, to the youth of our country, aware of the problem of intermediate staff in our country, continues offering education service in Keçiören district of Ankara. There are 3 laboratories in the high school.


Türkan Yamantürk Primary School / Ankara


Türkan Yamantürk Primary School, which has 24 classrooms and 3 laboratories, has been giving education in Çankaya district of Ankara since 1999-2000 term.


Yamantürk Primary School / Çayeli – Rize


The purpose of the school which has been built in Rize province Çayeli town is to meet the education and cultivation needs of the community. There are 40 classrooms and 3 laboratories in Yamantürk Elementary School. The construction works finished as of September 2001 and activities started in 2001-2002 period in Yamantürk Elementary School.


İTÜ İdris Yamantürk Conference Center / İstanbul


Two conference halls, three seminar halls and an exhibition and meeting hall are available in the Conference Center. Capacities of the conference hall and seminar halls are 260 and 150 people, respectively. Construction of İdris Yamantürk Conference Center was completed in year 2000 and the facility started to offer service.


İTÜ İdris Yamantürk Student’s and Social Affairs Center / İstanbul


The facility is composed of a hall, hobby rooms, kitchen and billiard saloon, which meet the resting and catering requirements of students. Construction of İdris Yamantürk Student’s and Social Affairs Center was completed in year 2000 and started to offer service.