Omtaş forging shop equipped with mechanical presses, power drop hammers, counter blow hammers, horizontal upsetting presses. All forging machines have their induction heaters and trimming presses and other required performing equipments. Weight range of products are between 0,5 – 200 kg.


Tooling Production

All forging tools and dies are produced in our in-house tooling shop using modern HSC and CNC machines integrated with CAD-CAM implementations. Most complex and precision tools and dies can be produced in the shortest time through the integration of engineering and tooling equipment.


Tooling Control

All dies and tools are %100 controlled before every forging batch production at tooling control.


Heat Treatment

Quenching and tempering, isothermal annealing, normalizing, stress relieving and controlled cooling treatments can be performed in-house using continue type furnaces, deep well furnaces, and suitable band conveyors for the forgings made of hardening and tempering steels, case hardening steels, alloyed and microalloyed steel, stainless steels and carbon steels. Our heat treatment furnaces are approved acc. to the AIAG CQ19 HTSA.