• Endeavors to keep its promises.
  • Acts consistently with words and what they do.
  • Respects the professional and personal privacy.


To be fair

  • Keeps business interests ahead of personal interests in their activities.
  • Respects differences, does not discriminate.
  • Behave in the same way to all matters related to the business and creates equal opportunities.



  • Takes responsibility for the decisions they hold and the tasks they assume.
  • States they know to be true without thinking about their personal interests.


Business Discipline

  • Takes care to comply with the rules of the workplace.
  • Watches over not to jeopardize its and colleagues’ security in its activities.
  • Respects the priorities of its colleagues.


  • Watches over to represent its institution diligently in the presence.
  • Watches over to use company’s resources efficiently with avoiding wastage.
  • Acts considering the interests of institutions in matters relating to the company in the presence.


Social Sensivity

  • Watches over to balance the benefit of society and institutions.
  • Watches over to protect the environment and its security in its activities while using resources.
  • Respects the country’s and society’s laws, values and traditions.


Customer Sensivity

  • Is sensitive to the complaints and expectations of domestic and foreign customers, takes action to resolve it.
  • Endeavors to analyze the risks aimed at the customers.


Be respectful

  • Approaches in a respectful behaviour, manner and expression to its environment’s and colleagues’ personality, roles and responsibilities.