All 2D and 3D CAD data is shared with the customer via internet. The timing of the process from feasibility to serial production is expedited through Omtas’s design capability and our policy of working closely with the customer. All forging processes are optimized by forging simulation software before die and tool production.


3 R&D projects which are supported by the 6th and 7th framework programmes of European Commission were successfully completed.

CAD Software and Fields of Application

Software Currently Used




Fields of Application


  • Product Drawings
  • Drawings of Operation Cards
  • Solid Modelling
  • Design of Forging and Trimming Dies
  • Design of Tooling, Equipment and Gages

CAD / CAM Software and Fields of Application

Software Currently Used




Fields of Application


  • The tooling paths and defects, which might occur in the tooling paths, are determined by means of CAM programs and thus the necessary corrections are made before the die is machined.
  • Many dies are machined using NC codes that are generated by using part models and CAM programs. These codes are transferred to the related machines directly.
  • Process programmes are prepared for the products and transmitted to CNC looms.

Forging Simulation

Software Currently Used


  • FORGE® NXT 2.0


Forging simulations are used in all design stages. Mold designs are finalized with the help of these simulations. Faults that may occur during production are prevented.